Siobhan Curham

Siobhan Curham

Your Big Bold Book Plan ,
Siobhan Curham

Hi, I’m Siobhan…

When I was a child my evil genius parents decided not to have a TV as they thought it was bad for a child’s imagination – I mean, as if?! And, as this was in the days before the internet and mobile phones, I had a choice – I could either learn to love books or I could die of boredom. So I learnt to love books and pretty soon my love of reading grew into a love of writing and I dreamt of one day having a shelf of books of my own.

At eighteen I set off for uni in pursuit of my dream, to study English Literature. But two years into my degree, I become plagued by the fear that I just didn’t have what it took to become a professional writer. I came from a much poorer background than most of my fellow students and I started to feel that people from council estates didn’t belong in the middle class world of publishing. So I dropped out of uni and ended up working in the complaints department for a frozen food company where all I wrote were grovelling apology letters to irate customers. (This is the tragic low point of my story).

After four years of working in jobs I hated I came to an important realisation: life can be a very dull and dark place when you don’t dare to dream. So I dusted off my literary dreams and instead of seeing writing as some kind of rarefied world solely for the silver-spooned, I decided to approach it as I would any other job, starting small and working my way up. I began my quest writing short stories for weekly women’s magazines (the kind of magazines that have headlines like: The Day My Womb Fell Out! and OMG My Fella is Sleeping With the Milkman!). Then I wrote some articles. Having short stories and articles published gave me the confidence to finally have a go at writing my first book.

That book was published in 2000.

Fast forward 19 years and I’ve now written 28 books. One of them even won a national book award. Moral of the story … never give up on your dreams!

Because my path to writing success was such a bumpy one, I love helping other people achieve their writing dreams. Find out more here.

Siobhan will be hosting a workshop at in the WILDWOMAN tent at RESTFEST entitled…… 

Your Big Bold Book Plan with Siobhan Curham 

They say that everyone has a book in them, but it can be really hard finding the courage, time and drive to write. In this workshop with the award-winning author of 28 books, Siobhan Curham, you will learn how to overcome creative blocks and fears and find the focus and inspiration to write the book you were born to – whether fiction or non-fiction.