Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Red school director

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Menstrual Cycle - Thrive In Modern Life ,
Red School

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, along with Alexandra Pope, is co-founder of Red School and co-author of Wild Power: discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power (Hayhouse, 2017). Together they are pioneering the new and essential field of Menstruality.

They coined the phrase Menstrual Cycle Awareness to finally give name to what is the mindfulness practice for women.

Red School offers the most comprehensive and life changing menstruality programmes available to date, offering in-person workshops, online courses and professional training.

At RESTFEST Sjanie will be hosting a workshop titled

The Menstrual Cycle – our ultimate guide for thriving in modern life

“Rest is the revolution that is going to power your life and menstruation is the ultimate time for getting it.’ – Wild Power

We have been taught to see our menstrual cycle as a hassle, a problem, even a weakness that we need to overcome and pretend is not there. The truth is, our menstrual cycle is our ultimate inner guidance system and self–care tool. Getting to know the ‘inner seasons’ of your menstrual cycle will reveal how your feelings and energy shift through the month and that there is a pattern and purpose in this.

Learn how to respect and co-operate with the pattern of your cycle to reap wonderful benefits including: – a new, kinder relationship with yourself (and quite possibly your nearest and dearest too!) – increased levels of energy and wellbeing – heightened creativity and productivity – reduced stress and anxiety – increased intuition and clarity – greater pleasure and pride in being a woman. Join Sjanie at Restfest to discover the power and potential of your bodies cyclical intelligence. Life will never be the same again – in a good way!