Sophie Bresnahan

Wild Seed Planting

Sophie Bresnahan

Create your own personalised plantable wildflower card. ,
Think Loop

I’m a maker and work with different mediums to create things out of recycled materials. My main creation currently is my range of plantable wildflower cards. I paint the designs with watercolour and they are printed onto paper which is embedded with wildflower seeds! The paper can then be planted there after and you can grow a mini meadow of wildflowers. They all grow back every year and the flowers are good for bees as well.

Sophie is hosting a beautiful mindful workshop at RESTFEST called….

Create your own personalise plantable wildflower card.

Do you love giving cards but hate the feeling of wasting paper and finite resources? With plantable wildflower cards you can send your message and a gift for the recipient to plant their own mini meadow of wildflowers. All the cards are made from recycled materials and embedded with 11 types of pollinating wildflowers. In this workshop you will create your very own plantable Wildflower card! No experience needed and you get to keep your ethical gift.