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Pussy Magnets: Genital Model Making Workshop ,
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We believe that continuing to learn about ourselves, our bodies and the relationships we have can help us to make informed decisions and to lead healthier and happier lives. We collaborate with inspiring speakers, academics and creatives in relaxed and convivial settings and hope that the conversations that are started continue long after the event has ended.

Becky Lund-Harket (Founder) is an advocate for frank, straightforward and openminded discussion about topics that can be difficult to talk about. She strongly believes that the quality of the relationships we have determine the quality of our lives and that continuing to learn about the relationships we have (whether they be sexual, romantic, platonic or the relationship we have with ourself) improves health, life satisfaction and wellbeing.

Becky also works as a sex and relationships educator at Sexplain, delivering workshops in secondary schools on topics ranging from from porn, consent and healthy relationships to periods and genital anatomy.

The Candid Collective are hosting this interesting workshop…..

Pussy Magnets: Genital Model Making Workshop

In this educational, creative and possibly very silly workshop you will create a vulva fridge magnet using easy-to-use and colourful modelling clay.

Throughout the workshop we will give clear instructions on how to make the models, using correct language for body parts as well as talking about all of the ways which vulvas are pretty amazing!

There’ll be plenty myth busing and favourite facts about vulvas as we encourage guests to think of their genitals as just another part of their body to be accepted and loved, just as they are!

The workshop will be led by Becky Lund-Harket (sex educator and Founder of The Candid Collective) and Emma Chan (sex educator and junior doctor) – between them they’ve made genital models with hundreds of adults and teenagers!

All materials will be provided; all you need to bring is some curiosity and a sense of fun!