The warmest of welcomes to Jill Wootton – Changing lives with her Hypnotherapy and EFT skills

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The warmest of welcomes to Jill Wootton – Changing lives with her Hypnotherapy and EFT skills

15 Jul 2018 No Comment 608 Views

Getting to know the gorgeous Jill Wootton ahead of her workshop – “Clear your money blocks and Create financial abundance” at Restfest – 6th Oct 2018

Describe yourself in three words.

Grateful, passionate, fun

Three interesting facts about you that not everyone knows!

  • Beat the winning Oxford womens’ rowing crew
  • Love being in nature
  • Used to sell wallpaper

 Who/What inspires you?

  • Many people – especially those who have ignored what everyone else is doing and have brought their own special gifts to the world. From musicians David Bowie, Freddie Mercury Eric Clapton to Bruce Lipton.
  • I am inspired by music which can change my state so easily.
  • I am inspired by sport and being in nature – again both have a profound effect on me

Where/How do you learn?

  • always learning, think it’s important to constantly be open to new ideas and ways of dong things. Think I learn form my own intuition and of course from others.
  • Strong visual learner but also kinaesthetic too.

What’s the best thing about your current career choice?

  • Freedom and the reward of seeing other people find their freedom too.
  • Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a person unfold and step on that freedom road.

 What does your dream life look like?

Similar to what it is now but more evolved in terms of my work

  • getting my message to more people
  • more life experiences
  • giving more to causes I believe in


What advice would you give to the you of 5/10 years ago?

Trust more

What are you most looking forward to about uflourish Restival?

Listening to the other speakers

Time out with friends

How will ladies benefit from your workshop/talk?

My teaching on how your thoughts create your every day experience and the patterns in your life– even to how much abundance or money you create benefits people by:-

  • Giving you the powerful life changing skill of EFT to help change the subconscious patterns that are the dominant force in your habits and everyday experiences.
  • Know how to create your miracle mindset and burst through old blocks
  • Feel more confident and empowered to effect change
  • Brings you closer to who you really are and that that sharpens your intuition and ability to consciously create your life instead of life feeling like groundhog day
  • Enables you to become aware of unhelpful subconscious patterns that have been sabotaging your dreams

 What three things would make your perfect festival experience? 

100% uncontaminated tasty GF food


Things that make me laugh

Find out all about Jill at or 


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