Welcoming our RESTFEST special guests…..

Naomi Newland

Therapist & Inspirational events organiser

uflourish with Naomi

Welcoming our RESTFEST special guests…..

31 May 2018 No Comment 364 Views

The uflourish team are so excited to start sharing more about the amazing women that will make RESTIVAL so effortlessly beautiful and inspiring.

Hannah from Hand Holding Human epitomises every one of our RESTIVAL values – Wisdom, Wonderment and Wellbeing.

She’ll be helping you dig deep in her workshop and then floating around RESTIVAL all day.  She really does glide…. so gracefully.

So over to Hannah know in her own words…….. then check out the schedule for up-date timings and locations to soak up her good vibes.

“I teach yoga because I want to share this beautiful calming practice with women like you. I blend it with hypnosis because it creates absolute enchantment. Guiding you in to a beautifully tranquil savasana – the yogi way of describing a ‘serene relaxation’ – and seeing you look completely blissed out ticks all my happy boxes.

Living in these challenging times, we all experience stress in different ways. Most of us are so used to living with stress that we just haven’t had a moment to notice yet the effect it’s potentially having on our physical body, on our emotions and day-to-day behaviour, including our lifestyle choices.

Practicing yoga can help you to create your own self-soothing remedy that you can use whenever life feels extra-tough. A restorative practice which includes a long guided relaxation can really help you to begin to replenish your energy levels, assist you with releasing tension that may be stored in your body and remind you to take some deep, long breaths which encourages the body to relax

At Restival I’ll help you create space in your body and breathe life into your future you.”
More about Hannah Morrish over at  http://www.handholdinghuman.com


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