What is tapping and why is the wellness world going nuts about it?

Naomi Newland

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What is tapping and why is the wellness world going nuts about it?

22 Feb 2020 No Comment 160 Views

You may have heard of tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), but unless you’ve tried it, it remains a mystery for most. 

The media has been talking about this alternative but effective method of clearing unwanted and unhelpful behaviours, which has been championed by The Duchess of Cornwall, Whoopie Goldberg, Lily Allen and Madonna in the press for its miraculous results.

Having used the techniques on myself and with clients for the past two years, I’m happy to report it’s one thing in the newspapers that I actually agree with.

I was as skeptical when I was first introduced to EFT.  However, I was converted when my tutor supported me to release a ton of emotional baggage, which I had no idea I’d been weighing myself down with for decades. Out-of-date ideas and memories that were no longer true and were holding me back. She got me tapping right into the hub of these big emotions. Within minutes they were diminishing. In the coming days I felt lighter and more positive. I felt my energy levels and enthusiasm increase to new highs! There had to be something in this.

I’m not 100 percent certain on how it works. However, I also don’t get how movies, photos and files transmit around the globe at the touch of a button on my device. I know it uses wifi and frequencies of some kind, but my understanding is limited but I still use technology. The beauty and brilliance of tapping is that you don’t have to understand the science of it, or even believe in it, for it to be effective!

What I do know for sure is that I’ve helped clients to heal and grow. EFT has helped me mend broken hearts; get rid of tinnitus; to make phobias disappear; heal childhood memories, find relief from ongoing pain and symptoms; and ease anxiety, stress and overwhelm.  All this within a couple of therapeutic sessions.

The thing I love most about EFT is that I can teach clients to use it at home, work or anywhere in their lives WHENEVER they need it. It’s a quick, completely portable and powerful personal tool for anyone to use anywhere!

Now that’s piqued your interest. Let me share what I do know.

The best way for me to paint a picture is to get you imagining acupuncture for your emotions without needles – simply by tapping your fingertips on these energetic hot spots.

By tuning into your problems whilst tapping on these various pressure points, you release and diminish emotions that cause your body to be in dis-ease

EFT works on the premise that our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.

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